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  • Hi everyone!

    Not sure this is a bug, but this isn’t working in the latest Beta versions (only working in 3.5 version)

    Here’s the problem:

    Like I said, I’m not sure this is a bug because it’s still in Beta, but there must be a way to this, right?

    Looking forward to hearing from you WP experts!


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  • I know someone put a lot of time into making it, and I do appreciate that, but I’d really like to remove the spiffy, huge, space wasting Post Format button bar and revert it back to the perfectly efficient, though admittedly not glitzy, radio button panel that used to not take up so much room above the fold, because it was in the sidebar——where there’s way more than enough of room for it——and it would be movable according to the user’s preference; not stuck in place where someone else wants it.

    Secondly, beneath that, the second little pin followed by: “Use the editor below to compose your post.” is not only redundant (what else are we in there for but that? And the page itself is pretty self-explanatory) it also moves the edit panel even farther down the screen. The main column is already very long. Add a couple of plugins and it gets even longer. Making it unnecessarily longer right out of the gate, and at the top no less, doesn’t seem to be a thoughtful way to go.

    I am into aesthetics in a big way. I’m into elegance of design. As a Renaissance person, I find beauty in many things; especially mechanisms. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, I’m also a Form Follows Function guy.

    The question is:
    Are we into cute or functional?



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    same here;
    the bar with the post_formats seems to there fully independant on the allowed post formats; and there is not even any indication which of those post_formats are supported by the current theme.
    I could not find any hooks (in /wp-includes/edit-form-advanced.php) to influence the output of the post_formats bar.

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    This is a duplicate post –

    Can someone open a ticket in trac and link it in that post please?

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