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  • Newbie WordPress 2.0 user here, site’s been live a week and so far so good.

    But after a lot of searching I can’t find the answer to this: how to publish a post so it only shows up in the category page and not at the top of the stack on the home page (as all posts do by default, at least in my install)?

    I’ve been making do by futzing with the publish date, but it’s a pain.

    Similarly, though not as desperate a need … anyway to publish a post but prevent it from being found in a Search?


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  • Here’s one plugin option: Solvent


    Checking the comments on that link, the author himself has an alternative to it mentioned as well.

    Thanks for the URL Handy! Man, the “Solvent” plugin would’ve been great … too bad the developer dropped the project and it doesn’t work with 2.x.

    I looked at the author’s alternative and I can’t figure out where the plugin he mentions is at. Plus apparently it requires you post to a diff. category than the one you want, which wouldn’t help me.

    Still looking … I’m chagrined this isn’t built-in to WP. But everything else about WP so far is great.


    I guess that’s a tough one. I can’t remember, I think I added the ability to use negative numbers in CG-PostOrder to get that effect — but come to think of it, it might do it in the category view too… And certainly, wanting it NOT on the homepage, NOT in searches, BUT on the category page, well, that’s a pretty specific need — not a general-purpose thing. 😉

    Can I ask what the situation is where you’d want something to function like that? Maybe if I understood it (and agreed it actually IS a more general-purpose need) better I could think about how to add such into CG-PostOrder in a next release…


    Well for this one instance I found that Adhesive solved the problem for me. We wanted to keep a post called “Welcome to the podcast” (with subscribe chiclets)at the top of our podcast categories page but didn’t want it to appear in the home page. With Adhesive you can make a post “Sticky” (always appears at the top of a category page) and optionally, in the plugin config area, disable it appearing on index.php.

    There are other category pages in the site for which we may want to create a similar “header” but not have it appear as a new post on the home page, thus my original query.

    Thanks for the offer of help though.


    Another developer picked up a project that is similar but has more features, I use it on my site and it works great heres the link:

    RYO ‘Category Visibility’ WordPress Plugin

    EthanNeuen – maybe you know some plugs or tricks like show above, but i need a little bit another task, i mean that my posts apear only at subcategory checked with a cross, but not in parent category…
    How make like this?
    I cant find any plugs for that…

    Big Thanx moshu, i solved my 4 days problem…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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