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  • Can i hide a link in a category?

    Links to islands

    category link “28”
    Link 1 (id 14)
    Link 2 (id 16)
    Link 3 (id 19)

    category link “28”
    Link 1 (id 14)
    Link 3 (id 19)

    How i hide in second list the link whit id 16? There’s a particular shotcut or a specific parameter for the override command?

    Thank for your answer


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  • Go to your library setting and under Parameter Setting the 3rd option.

    Hi GopTun.
    My request is different.
    I do not want to hide a category, but only one of the links contained inside.
    As in my exemple, in the same category (id 28) i would hide the link whit “id 16” only in the second list, but not in the first list.
    It’s possible? …if yes how do it?

    Create another category for Sicily. Let’s say that’s category 29.

    Put link 1+3 in category 29, they must also stay in category 28.

    Then display each category with a different library, or use the category overrides:

    Sardinia: [link-library-cats categorylistoverride=”28″]
    Sicily: [link-library-cats categorylistoverride=”29″]

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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