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    Hi Brandon – thanks for a great plug-in.

    I’m using MailChimp, and using a hidden field to record where the person signed up. This means if they signed up for a free download, I can send it to them and say “thank you for requesting your free download” etc.

    When I test it, it works beautifully. And I’ve seen it work well for others. But sometimes the hidden field is just left blank.

    Any ideas how I can fix that?

    Many thanks

    Site is,

    Hidden field code is

    <input type="hidden" value="below single post" name="SIGNEDFROM" class="" id="mce-SIGNEDFROM"><code>or</code><input type="hidden" value="sidebar" name="SIGNEDFROM" class="" id="mce-SIGNEDFROM">

    I’m hosted on bluehost, running Genesis with the Sample Theme. eNewsExtended is in the primary sidebar and in a widget area I’ve added on the single post page as follows

    // hook this to single post page
    add_action('genesis_entry_footer', 'single_post_widget_area'); // this is for HTML5 markup
    add_action('genesis_after_post_content', 'single_post_widget_area'); // this is for XHTML
    function single_post_widget_area(){
                              'before'=> '<div class="sp-widget-area widget-area">',
                              'after'=> '</div>')

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  • Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer


    In this regard, the plugin is pretty stupid, meaning nothing fancy is happening. As long as there isn’t another instance of the widget being used without the hidden code somewhere, I wouldn’t expect it to return blank.

    The only thing I can think of is if someone subscribes to your newsletter through another means… thinking out loud through a form hosted by MailChimp, but I’m not sure where that would come from (is there a link to subscribe in the e-mails that are sent out? A friend forwarding an e-mail and someone signing up through that?)

    I wish I had something more, but I don’t see how something on your website’s end with the examples I’ve seen on the site could be tripping up.


    Hi Brandon,
    thanks for that. It hasn’t happened since, so I’m guessing it might be that the site was being cached somewhere? Anyway, if it doesn’t happen again it’s not a problem!

    Hi Brandon,
    I’ve started having the same problem again. The MailChimp people say that if I was using one of their forms then there would be an issue with having two forms on the same page (JavaScript conflict). Could that be a problem with eNewsExtended too? If so, an clues about a workaround?

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi Shakya,

    No, eNews is designed to work multiple times on the same page (you could have a dozen sign-up forms in the same sidebar if you really wanted to).

    Reading the source on your site, the SIGNEDFROM value is there:

    As far as eNews Extended, it’s a pretty “dumb” plugin. There’s nothing in the code that would selectively modify what is in the hidden fields.

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    That said, the “class” items in your hidden fields aren’t required. If we knew if there was a particular browser that led to this behavior, might be due to the invalid HTML there.

    It would really surprise me, but not really sure where else to take it.

    Sounds worth a try – I’ve removed the class="" from the hidden fields…. let’s see what happens!
    Thanks for your help Brandon

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