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  • Benjoe Bondoc


    Can you do this with the contact form hidden field?

    if I’m using the the form on all my single page post and say i want to include the Post Page featured image url as a hidden field value for the form?

    if so can i also use that value for my custom Confirmation Email?

    many thanks..

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  • mbrsolution


    Hi Benjoe Bondoc, as far as I know you can’t set up the form based on your request. However you can create a support ticket to @mike Challis regarding your question.

    The following is what @mike Challis says in this website.

    Hidden field:
    The hidden field is used if you need to pass a hidden value from the form to the email message. The hidden field does not show on the page.
    Version 3.xx: You must set the label and the value. First enter the label, a comma, then the value. Like in this example: Language,English
    Version 4.xx: You must set the field name and default value.

    If your question has being answered can you mark this support thread as resolved.

    Thank you

    Benjoe Bondoc


    Hi Mr mbsolution..

    actually i think i found a way to do just what i need.. using shortcodes from the plugin..

    [si-contact-form form='1' hidden='key=value']

    but you have to enable php sessions settings on the form you are using and since the shortcode is being included on my theme file i can manipulate what value i want to put for the hidden input field..

    for example

    $my_shortcode = '[si-contact-form form=\'2\' hidden=\'pagetitle=' . get_the_title().  '\']';
    <?php echo do_shortcode($my_shortcode); ?>

    still working on it though..

    thanks a lot sir for the heads up..



    Hi Benjoe Bondoc, thank you for the information. Let me know how you achieve this, I might add it to one of my tutorials 🙂 if you don’t mind…

    Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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