• Along with installing the plugin, you get hidden external links to their site, even in the site map! Without getting permission from you, they will advertise themselves using links by installing a plugin. Great move! Support refuses to tell you how to delete links. Check your code, and especially the site map that is generated by their plugin.

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  • HI @webfantastic,

    Thanks for your review.

    The link you mention appearing in the XML sitemap is actually in the XSL stylesheet rather than the source code. If you inspect the source code of the sitemap, you won’t see any links to our website. Google doesn’t index the stylesheet; thus the link doesn’t represent any value.

    Hope this clarifies things.

    Thread Starter webfantastic


    For what purpose did you add this link then?

    Any links leading to other sites for bots are external links that are indexed and transmit the weight of the main donor site. This is an active link that is not closed from indexing, which is also well scanned by bots. Do not mislead users.

    @monbauza We don’t want your link and especially without notice. It’s intrusive and ethically wrong.

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