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    Not really a support request, but I have seen this come up a few times, google did not help here.

    CDNs and proxy firewalls showing “Hi Jetpack! All Systems go”, some do not have JetPack plugin itself installed, or have it, removed it, and it still does not get rid of this page showing on their home page.

    I found on the most recent one, no Jetpack enabled: 16/Oct/2017:12:58:40 NOT BLOCKED HEAD 200 / CACHEP:HIT –
    jetmon/1.0 (Jetpack Site Uptime Monitor by

    every 3 mins of so, as soon as I blocked that UA, cleared the cache, “Hi Jetpack! All Systems go” never returned. very odd as JP was not installed, but that was what was causing it, tested on another 2 showing the same symptoms, also resolved.

    maybe adding a variable ( here to the monitor request would fix that, it would also bust the cache so let you know if the site was really up rather than looking at a cached version on cdn.

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Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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