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  • neverpaintagain


    Hi. Its a long story, so the very short version is (!) please can someone rate my site and suggest where i have gone wrong?

    My site is NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK and i have had the site for 9 years now. It used to be quite basic but worked really well, and was a simple site, with a seperate but linked wordpress blog.

    A year a half ago it was changed to solely a wordpress site and the fella who did it made a right mess. We have struggled along for the past year and half trying to fix it and only just now have managed to fix his hacks and upgrade it to the latest core plus install jetpack. We are still not included in the global tags, and only just now have the nofollow tags been removed from our categories and tags!

    I want also to install a new theme, never doen that, is that seamless and i only have to reconfigure layout and widgets or can it break the site/

    Please help with some advice! Our site is PACKED with original authored content but we only get a fraction of the traffic we should do.

    Your thoughts oh wise ones…………

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  • ajdf


    THe overall look is ok – a lot better than many…

    Your homepage is too confusing… too many options, no obvious introduction to the company – I’m left bewildered wondering where to click and not being sure what you’re all about – is it a shop? is it an iformation site? My main clue is the phone number in the top right corner offering a FREE quote which tells me you must be selling some service… but why the big Search bar – is that necessary? Maybe on the blog but a company web site should not need a search bar as the information should be easy to find through suggestion, not via a search bar.

    The mixture of news – blog -testimonial blocks and items on the homepage is too much. You need to simplify it. Homepage should summerise what you do as a company and just some latest news and special offers maybe… but not too much.

    Installing a new theme should not break the site but you will need to do a fair amount of configeration to get it to work as you wish and if you have no experience of this it will be difficult I expect. You need to understand how the themes work in order to do it. There are many courses to teach you this or you could get someone else to do it. The new theme should not affect the content at all. You should however always backup the content anyway by going to Tools>Export to XML and saving that file somewhere else. You can then re-import it in the future if your web site disappears for some reason (hosting fault!).

    All the best.

    Samuel B


    you also need to sign up for google webmaster tools to get indexed quickly

    thank you so much! Your comments are noted and appreciated.

    PS, we have webmaster tools already tracking the site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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