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  • hello guys
    i am new to wp and trying to make a website
    my webhost suggested wp because i have no experience they installed it for me and i basically wrote a couple posts and made them pages as i want my site to be like a content management site i do not really know anything about blogging i am embarrassed to post my site link because it is not anywhere near as good as many sites i view here but i do need for it to be found as it shows potential customers what i do
    i can not afford to have a site made yet as i have been trying to work on my own as a contractor for 6 months now, i have many years as a sub contractor but advertising is new to me
    well to the point i would like to know if anyone can help me with suggestions to improve my site and visibility
    thank you so much to anyone who may be able to help me as you will be helping me support my family
    please do not laugh at the appearance of my site i am a total newbie

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  • honestly, only 2 things you can do to get what you more or less need. either A, hire someone(price always negotiable) or b, do it yourself.

    since you said you cant afford it, look at students or recent graduates. theyre always cheap lol.
    Wp as a CMS, is pretty basic compared to other CMS outthere so …dont be afraid to log in and change a few things around.

    if you have access to your server (where your site is being hosted) duplicate ALL the files in the root of your wordpress site, and save locally, this way, if you mess up, its only a matter of drag n drop to fix it to what it once was.

    if you want to go a little deeper, id suggest BASIC html/css can find these ANYWHERE now a days. if dedicated, within a few days youll understand some of the dealings that go into putting together a site and can help you in creating yours.

    good luck.

    thanks for your reply and advice
    is it that bad as it is now ?
    do you know of any tutorials for seo pack or another out of the box seo program ?
    do you know of any where where i may get some help that could be reasonaby affordable ?(students) and what is considered affordable for someone to improve my site or revamp it ?
    sorry for so many questions
    thank you again for your advice

    hello again, as far as “is it bad” its not a matter of bad, its a matter of, “what will the customer think when they see my site”.

    You want/need is a proffesional appearance. ESPECIALLY when your starting your own business, you want to make it LOOK like you have/know more than you do lol…just being real.

    if your passing around flyers and business cards, and a customer DOES reach your site, then as it is now, “proffesional” is not the first thing it gives off. if you only want it as a blog of sorts then YES..its fine(for now), but if you want to use it as a tool to convince you next prospective customer about saying yes to you, then no.

    As far as “seo pack” etc, thats way beyond the scope of what you need, that comes WAY later.

    what you need first and foremost, is to work on the LOOK and feel of it. for example, open up your site, then in seperate tabs on your browser, open these links (i just googled random sites)

    and compare. you get the idea.

    As far as getting your “name” out there. the Web is a BIG place and although you can do certain things to spread the word, one of the things your going to have to consider is (business cards and pamphlets etc) to spread around when on the street, on the job etc…

    As far as whats “affordable” i dont even wanna get into that lol. like anything else in life, sometimes you feel tight and dont want to spend any $$$ so you go for the cheap option and ends up costing you in the long run.

    look around for someone who gives you a fair price, and BEFORE you do ANYTHING, look around at peoples portfolios etc which gives you a good idea of what theyre capable of.

    If any other questions dont hesitate to ask. im not always on here on WP but email me if anything ( [email address removed] )

    good luck.

    IMO, the site isn’t terrible at all. Sure it could use improvement but it’s what I would expect from most local contractor websites. I don’t expect to see a crazy design, just tell me what you do and how I can contact you.

    However, what you CAN do (and it’s free) is fix all the typos, extra spaces, etc. Whether or not it’s true, that lack of attention to detail on the website tells me that may also be the case when it comes to your work as well.

    thank you all for your input
    Gabe i suppose you are right ,i could have my daughter look at the typos for me:) in my defense
    i am very good at what i do and i am a perfectionist when it comes to my work 🙂 i should have some of my customers write a review for me ?
    i am not however very well versed in typing /or grammatical skills as you can see by my site and if not for spell checker i would really be in trouble lol
    would you suggest maybe breaking down my services into individual pages with photos of prior work on each ? perhaps an article on each subject
    as i said this is my first attempt at site design and this is why i am here
    so thank you again to everyone i will take all your advice and do my best to implement your suggestions
    somdowprod 🙂 thanks for the links
    now i am really embarrassed 🙁
    i have a long way to go before i can create something like that
    i had a friend from my church make me a simple site and it was ranking page 1 on Google for some searches but he decided to take it down ?
    he wants to make a bunch of sites for himself and charge guys like me a percentage of our gross for him to keep our sites up
    note it was up for several months and i did not receive one call
    well thank you guys god bless
    i hope to improve my site and maybe get some calls from it (fingers crossed
    regards Todd

    Well those links are to give you an idea of regular design for those types of sites but, like anything else, theres hundreds of them lol.

    As far as work, the site in my belief, has to match the quailty of your work genre. Me personally, when im looking for some kind of service, whatever it may be, if the site looks fake, or like crap i IMMEDIATELY think theyre out to get me and close the window asap lol.

    thats just me. as far as not getting a single call. design may have something to do with that but, like i said, you need to work with someone to build accompanying items to go along with the site. like i said the web is a huge place and there are many others like you.

    you need to spend a little to get the biz cards and pamphlets and as you drive by, spread em out, pay some kid to put em on mailboxes etc…

    once they see the work on the card/pamphlet, they will prolly look you up on the site, or call you right up but you need to be in their face and a website will not automatically do that for you. a website in your line of work is more an accompanying tool. you still need to inform the masses that its there. hence facebook, local neighborhood sites/community sites if they have them….etc…

    just giving you an idea.

    🙂 thanks snow great ideas
    i guess i wasn’t as descriptive as i should have been 🙂
    i do in fact have some nice business cards and pamphlets that i place on mailboxes in the nicer neighborhoods in my area and have in fact gotten acquired customers doing that (in fact i just sold a 4 day interior painting job to one customer who found my pamphlet on his mailbox one day 🙂 ) and i have several clients who always call me first 🙂
    word of mouth is what is helping me pay my bills ,the site was made so people could see some of my work online 🙂 and i would love to actually generate some new clients from the site hence my asking for help and advice here
    i do appreciate the help and can not thank you and others for your honesty
    and advice
    (and for not laughing to hard at the simplicity of my little attempt at a website lol )
    regards Todd

    No need to be so ambitious for your first site right away. I’d rather see a clean site with no errors than one that tries to show me many things but with typos, bad links, and poor navigation.

    Take your time and add features as you go. Just get the important stuff up there first and do that portion well.

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