hi friends i will epritiate your advice about starting a theme selling website (1 post)

  1. roycegracie
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi all !
    I'm a wordpress developer from Israel and i would like to start selling my themes over the Internet.

    i was looking for plugins/themes that will make my life easier but didn't find nothing, and don't know really what expression to look for...

    I'll be happy to have some help for finding this things:

    - a base/lobby theme that will be good for presenting my themes, i guess it will be that way that every theme i sell will have a post. it will be great if there a theme/plugin with built in fields that goes inside a post and will help me arrange the : "theme name" "theme demo" "comments about the theme"

    - i see in many theme selling websites that the demo of the theme have a fixed stripe on the top of the screen that says "purchase this theme" - dos it have a plugin?

    - a paypal button plugin

    the biggest problem is that i don't have an idea of what to look for, when i search things like "sell yours themes, wordpress theme"
    and get results of theme buying sites.

    any other suggestions will be great ! thank you all

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