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    Hi, I’ve been reading the code of the plugin.I find it very interesting although I think there should be a way to customize the looks and enabling/adding more fields and disabling others.

    That is actually my question. I removed tags and categories from the list(since I don’t want them in my simple case) but I could not do it at the post edit/add forms.Also I need to add a custom-field for this very purpose.

    Can you help with this implementation?Which custom fields plugins are combatible?(I am using ACF)

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    At the moment custom fields are not supported.

    But you can use the template functionality of Frontier Post, using a copy of the forms:

    At the moment this functionality is Beta !
    You can copy the forms located in the forms directory of the plugin to your theme ** create a subdirectory in you theme (or child theme) folder: /plugins/frontier-post/ – Example: wordpress/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/plugins/frontier-post/

    Once I am sure this is stable, I will include a hook, so you can add your own code after the standard post is saved, using another php template, and use this code to update the custom fields

    I will not support custom fields, as it will open a can of worms, and I will never be able to offer a reasonable support, but I will enable users with the sufficient php knowledge to extent the solution with custom fields

    Does it make sense

    Plugin Author finnj


    Be aware that the template files will be deleted on theme upgrade, so make sure you have a copy, or use a child theme

    hi, seems like a way out. i don’t know how to use forms or what they are. I know moderate php and manage to customize templates but forms…?can forms hadnle my custom _product & _commenttype fields?

    Anywhere to look it up?

    Plugin Author finnj


    At the moment it will not be able to handle custom fields, as they wont be saved – In my todo list

    The custom templates is quite easy (example below is if you installed wp in the root):

    – Navigate to ./wp-content/plugins/frontier-post/forms
    – Copy frontier_form.php and frontier_list.php
    – Navigate to ./wp.content/themes/[your active theme]/
    – check if ./wp.content/themes/[your active theme]/plugins/frontier-post/ exists, if not create it
    – Paste the 2 files to ./wp.content/themes/[your active theme]/plugins/frontier-post/

    Now you can edit the 2 files to match your formatting requirements

    Be aware that the template files will be deleted on theme upgrade, so make sure you have a copy, or use a child theme

    hi, may I just check about why the custom field post data won’t be saved?
    (been trying to add custom fields into the plugin myself)

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