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  • NeilSol


    Hey all, —–

    I have been a senior futures trader for about 8 years with a handful of partners. I usually spend most of my time analyzing charts and scouring news and I tend to come across some really interesting stuff.

    Recently I decided to look into some website design options and really fell in love with WordPress. I figure during our slower times at the office, why not share some fascinating news blurbs that we find. We try to keep it fairly light on the commentary and high on the possibility of opening up your own thoughts to explore the issues further. I tend to think of most of these links and blurbs as great “over a beer” conversation pieces.

    Hope you all enjoy and I would be thrilled to hear your comments.


    Site located at —

    P.S. — I am looking over tons of blogs and would be happily willing to do some link trading. Cheers!

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  • jwack


    Site seems pretty out of the box (not really a bad thing) but I really like your domain name. I am surprised it was available.

    What plug-in did you use for the voting? It’s cool 🙂




    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your responses. Please pass the site along if you think its interesting. I used the plug-in POLLME to make these. I found that many of the others are not free or have bugs! It took me a while to figure out this one actually works. The settings and creation page is a bit weird but it all resides in the WordPress dashboard which is really nice!


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