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  • I am that guy who uses a theme that lets me drag and drop to build out my website. I use a plugin to control access, I use a plugin to do this and that, and for the most part it all works, until it doesn’t.

    I do not have any technical chops to php a jquery fix on the apache server or whatever… So I am at the mercy of the help desk.

    When I sought help from the support staff of two of the plugins I use, they directed me to their KB or their list of developers. That is it they were done.

    Other times I have sought help- and this is pretty much across the board- and the help was a quote from the support docs verbatim. Half the time it was clear that the Help desk for those plugins did not even read the question completely…. Ugh

    Ok why say all this about the dismal level of support offered by most plugin authors/companies…. Well

    I had a fairly esoteric question about editing an exported form from Ninja Forms using Search and Replace to change the url attached to almost 200 different submit buttons on a large form I was using…

    Rather that just tell me “We do not Support that Activity”, the support staff (J & Z- you know who you are) guided me in the right direction with specificity and alacrity.

    Ninja Forms Support gave me the right answer, the first time without hesitation—

    The product speaks for itself, what makes the experience Outstanding is the service that backs it up

    Thanks Guys

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