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hey guys I need help adding a link to my header

  • my site is solutionssf(dot)org I need help adding a link to the jobs page in the header. Im new to wordpress so forgive such a noob question. I need a link called “Jobs” under “About” and it has to link to solutionss(dot)org/jobs. Where do I add this link? thanks

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  • I can’t quite tell from your site, but it looks like perhaps those top three areas are widget spaces?

    If they are widgets using a custom menu, you can edit the menu in Appearance->Menus.

    If they were dropped straight into a text widget, there should be some space in Appearance->Widgets that has that information.

    I hope that’s helpful. Typically, the source code can give you clues on how it was setup, but I’m not seeing it. :-/

    would it be under menus? because Menus there is one called Our solutions that is located in the space where I want to add the link I wrote about in my first post. But when I go to add a new menu, it doesnt show up at all on my page.

    You wouldn’t need to add a new menu, just a new menu item.

    If the tab is called “Our Solutions”, click on that.
    Then on the left side, find the page you want to add, click the box and click Add to Menu

    After putting it in place (drag/dropping), click the Save button.

    If it is setup how I *think* it is, that should do it.

    I just tried that, it didn’t work :-/

    Is there a widget space in Appearance->Widgets that may contain these fields?

    May be worth a quick e-mail to the original developer (saw his link on the page) to ask him this quick question.

    nope nothing in widgets. I did a search of all the code and couldn’t find any of the words located in the header. The closest thing I got was the Menus but modifying it made no difference on the websites appearance.

    I suppose there could be a page somewhere that is being used as a header, or it could be hard-coded into the theme’s header.

    Perhaps there’s a plugin installed that’s operating the menu or the theme has something special.

    Along the left nav bar (“Pages”, “Posts”, “Links”, etc), are there any entries different than what is in this screenshot:

    I apologize for not having a solution for you yet.

    No need to apologize. I fully appreciate your help. You were right! There is a little icon there that I havent clicked on. It has all the links there. I should be able to figure it out from here. Thank you so much for your help!

    The items in the header are either going to be:
    1. Coming from a custom menu, and you did indicate that “Our Solutions” is one of the menu items. What kind of item is it, page, URL,… Are the other menu components in that same menu area of the Admin page?
    2. Coming from a widget and/or the link content type as indicated by Brandon.
    3. Possibly in theme options…although that is an odd way to program a theme.
    4. Hardcoded into the theme, which would be in wp-content/themes/<theme name>/ if you wanted to search there.

    Never mind, I see you have it 😀

    actually sorry I was a little premature. if you go to my homepage you will see that there is infact a section called employment with a link to “jobs”. The reason I had to do this was because the theme that is I am using to create these menus, called iA³ has a section Called header and has four sections (sorry for not providing a screenshot) Where I type in the seciton name such as “Our Solutions” and underneath them are 3 drop down menus for links to pages. The things is, for the existing ones (ie Our Solutions, Why Chose Us, and Contact) The only thing I can change is the titles, or the content with the red font. When I change the links to the pages, it has no effect. Another odd thing is that iA³ only provides 3 drop down menus to add pages but the homepage has four links for “Our Solutions” and “Why Chose Us”.

    Ideally Id like to add a link to “Jobs” right underneath “About” in the “Why Chose Us” section. I hope I was clear enough. Thanks again

    Well, hmm.

    1. If you can reach the original developer, may be worth it to call him to figure out how he/she did it, so you can go in to fix it.

    2. I found the theme’s home page: http://store.informationarchitects.net/product/ia%C2%B3-template , although, they seem very clear they won’t help.

    3. My gut is telling me, perhaps, that whomever developed the site took this theme then hard-coded the navigation section in (John’s #4 idea from above), since the theme’s demo site only has three, the admin only has three options and apparently the options aren’t changing anything (suggesting to me that whatever the options controlled was taken out).


    I would search the code in the http://solutionssf.org/wp-content/themes/iA3%201.2 folder for the header and see if I could verify how that header was being constructed, if it was hard-coded or what.

    [Sorry, too, for the delay! Gmail thought the notifications from the forum were spam…]

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