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  • My site, which uses a purchased theme, was put online just over a year ago by a friend. I have no first-hand experience with WordPress, but am able to administer the site in the way of changing text, and other basic things like that.

    Because I want the site to perform at its best, and as securely as possible, I want to update to WordPress 3.2.1 (Or… should I now wait for the release of WordPress 3.3?). But I wouldn’t know how to revert to 3.1.4 should anything go wrong with the update.

    Can anyone please offer some words of encouragement and tell me exactly how to perform the update?

    Thank you so much.

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    Edit: v3.3 has now been released, so its worth installing that.

    I keep a clone of my sites on a local server to test updates before updating a live site.

    If you have full, known good file and database backups, you can always reinstall if you encounter a problem.

    Hi Michael (I got your name from your profile)…

    Thanks very much for your speedy reply.

    Please excuse me; I’m pretty much clueless on WordPress, and therefore hesitant about performing anything with my site with the exception of text updates, etc.

    When you say ‘local server,’ do you mean to say I can install a clone of my site on my desktop computer (which sort of acts as a server when networked with my laptop)?

    I do backup my online database; the most recent was just last week. Not quite sure what you meant by “known good file;” do you mean backups of the actual files that make up the website? If so, yes; I can easily copy everything to my computer (the one mentioned in the previous paragraph).

    I certainly do appreciate that you probably have many things going on, but would you be able to offer a bit of guidance as I attempt to follow your example of creating the clone and – I hope it won’t come to this – reinstalling the site if anything should go wrong?

    Again, my apologies for my lack of knowledge here.

    Thanks, Michael.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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