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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been using your plugin for a short while, trying to deploy it around a customer’s needs. So far so good, but I’d like to show you what I’m trying to do, and perhaps you can let me know if this is possible. I’m happy to invest in any appropriate extensions.

    Here’s a bit of a plan of what we’re trying to do. To make it easier, in brackets I’ve given each part or process a name in brackets. My customer’s website (let’s say My Customer) will need admins (Project Manager) to set up a client (Client). Each client though, will have different locations throughout the country (Location). The Project Manager will need to assign a main user account for that Location (Main User). The Main User can create, edit and remove users (Sub-Users) associated to just that Location. Files will be uploaded and associated to each Location by a Project Manager. A Main User in that Location might be able to edit and view that File. A Sub-User in that Location can view that File. Perhaps even add comments etc.

    This is a simple representation of a typical setup:

    My Customer
    ~ Project Manager A
    ~~ Client 1
    ~~~ Location A
    ~~~~ Main User 1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A3
    ~~~ Location B
    ~~~~ Main User 2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B3
    ~~ Client 2
    ~~~ Location C
    ~~~~ Main User 3
    ~~~~~ Sub-User C1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User C2
    ~~~ Location D
    ~~~~ Main User 4
    ~~~~~ Sub-User D1

    Project Managers should be able to see and edit everything, including creating Clients, Main Users, Locations and Sub-Users if required, plus creating downloads or files and assigning to a Location within a Client. Main Users should only be able to view Locations assigned to them only, edit and upload files associated to those Locations, and edit and add Sub-Users to specific Locations. Sub-Users can only view files associated to the Location they have been assigned to.

    Project Managers might have multiple Clients to look after, indeed, they might share a Client.

    Files and reports need to be locked down to the Location they have been assigned to, viewable only by Main Users and Sub-Users assigned to that Location, plus of course any Project Manager.

    So looking at my plan above, this is what I’m thinking: Project Managers need to have some sort of Admin user privilege. Clients and Locations are groups and sub-groups respectively. Main Users might have some sort Contributor privilege, a Sub-User might have a Subscription privilege.

    Does that make sense? ha!

    edit: sorry for all the edits! It’s that complicated I messed it up myself! 😀

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  • Have a look at capabilities (under Groups menu), you can give any group a standard WP or even a custom capability. This could allow your Project Managers to create and edit users, as well as their posts. Just make sure to exclude them from being able to edit Admins. (There are code snippets for that out there).

    Anything else is pretty much a matter of organising your pages and groups accordingly. That said, there are project management plugins out there that may be more suitable for what you have planned, where you can assign clients and agents to projects and have secure file directories for each user.

    The problem I see with your solution is, even while a page may only be accessible by a certain group user, the file link contained in the page can theoretically be accessed directly, other plugins do a better job at making sure only the correct user has access to a file. (Download Manager, etc..)

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    Thanks very much for the reply. Appreciate all the pointers.

    Hmm yes that’s no good about the links being accessible… do you know if Download Manager (or others) are compatible with Groups?

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