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  • Hi there,

    After looking at another plugin, I’ve just checked out your plugin. This looks awesome and hopefully can achieve what I’m after. I’m copying and pasting this from a previous plugin forum to show what I’m trying to achieve.

    Here’s a bit of a plan of what we’re trying to do. To make it easier, in brackets I’ve given each part or process a name in brackets. My customer’s website (let’s say My Customer) will need admins (Project Manager) to set up a client (Client). Each client though, will have different locations throughout the country (Location). The Project Manager will need to assign a main user account for that Location (Main User). The Main User can create, edit and remove users (Sub-Users) associated to just that Location. Files will be uploaded and associated to each Location by a Project Manager. A Main User in that Location might be able to edit and view that File. A Sub-User in that Location can view that File. Perhaps even add comments etc.

    This is a simple representation of a typical setup:

    My Customer
    ~ Project Manager A
    ~~ Client 1
    ~~~ Location A
    ~~~~ Main User 1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User A3
    ~~~ Location B
    ~~~~ Main User 2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B2
    ~~~~~ Sub-User B3
    ~~ Client 2
    ~~~ Location C
    ~~~~ Main User 3
    ~~~~~ Sub-User C1
    ~~~~~ Sub-User C2
    ~~~ Location D
    ~~~~ Main User 4
    ~~~~~ Sub-User D1

    Project Managers should be able to see and edit everything, including creating Clients, Main Users, Locations and Sub-Users if required, plus creating downloads or files and assigning to a Location within a Client. Main Users should only be able to view Locations assigned to them only, edit and upload files associated to those Locations, and edit and add Sub-Users to specific Locations. Sub-Users can only view files associated to the Location they have been assigned to.

    Project Managers might have multiple Clients to look after, indeed, they might share a Client.

    Files and reports need to be locked down to the Location they have been assigned to, viewable only by Main Users and Sub-Users assigned to that Location, plus of course any Project Manager.

    So looking at my plan above, this is what I’m thinking: Project Managers need to have some sort of Admin user privilege. Clients and Locations are groups and sub-groups respectively. Main Users might have some sort Contributor privilege, a Sub-User might have a Subscription privilege.

    Does that make sense? ha!

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    Sorry for the delay.

    Consider using our dedicated support forums where you would get faster answers. doesn’t notify us the same way.

    However, If I remember correctly, you already posted this on our forums, so I hope you got the answers you were looking for.


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