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  • Ok, I’ll admit I like WP, particularly the 1.5 version which I have currently installed. My question, however, is not related to the version but by what I want to do now that I have the thing up and running.

    Here’s the thing, I use e107 for blogging, but I also write a lot of reviews. I should also add that I don’t just blog, but I blooooooooooog. I mean I write and I write, and for a typical wordpress page (short bites) it would be several pages long.

    I’m willing to endure the torture of copying and pasting around 400-500 posts and such from e107 to WP by creating various categories. Ok, let me cut to the chase, I need help and guidance in achieving what I want to achieve so I hope someone will if not hand hold me, at least guide me on my way.

    This is what I want to do with the review side of it:

    rating system
    comment system
    ability add images
    multipage support

    Now I think WP supports multipages with just some code, I know it doesn’t have a rating system, but I’m talking to someone who have found something that fits the need. Obviously there is a comment system so that is tackled (I copied this from another post on another site). The issue of images bothers me a bit, because all the paths in my images are xyz/blah. Which means going through about 200 or so reviews and editing the code. Again I have no problem with this side of it. I’m curious as to how easy it is to add images, or whether I need to add the path manually.

    Secondly with regards to images, does WP auto-resize or will I need to do this myself? As I said, I write really long reviews (I think my Half Life 2 review was about 5 or 6 MS Word pages long), and of course I take screenshots and need to how whether it will be difficult to link the images?

    Gallery wise, I currently use a plugin in e107 that emebds coppermine into it. Now, I just need a nice looking gallery which will load within WP rather than load externally if you see what I mean, with categories and subcategories perhaps? I read about Simple Gallery somewhere, so I’ll take a look at that. But it’s just got to fit in with the theme if you see what I mean.

    Reviews are important, so I need to know how to create a layout for them. For example, if you look at Amazon, as an example, Image top let and review beneath with details of film on the right. What would be great is if there was some sort of template I could create somehow that creates those fields, and all Ihave to do is enter the value (such as the name of the director for the field of Director: ). Is this possible and if so how do I do this?

    Secondly, is it possinle to have a front page for the reviews section which is automatically updated? Say for example I wanted the front cover of the DVD to be displayed in say 3×4 columns/rows; there is a brief summary of the film beneath the image which is clickable and leads to actual review? Could I also have all the reviews under one category (such as film reviews) and then divide those same films into sub categories (such as action, drama etc)? If the image front page isn’t a possibility, then say a list of the last 10 reviews, image to the left, summary to the right and when they click it goes to the rest of it?

    Now, I would also like to add google adsense – I couldn’t use it on the main page which will be the blog, as Google said I was using “excessive profanity and the encouragement of drug use” (it’s blown way out of proportion) which broke their rules. It does mean I can have it in the review area though, so would it be possible to only have it show up in the reviews and no where else?

    I’m currently using the Manji theme – I saw khaled’s main site and it looks rather stonking, and I also like the fact that it’s one column which is pretty nice and different. I’ve played with some of the elements, but is there anyway I can take the whole site or theme (which I have download) and just point and click what I want in what colour, but be able to see it on screen as I change, with the changes being saved if I choose to? Thing is I couldn’t code a calculator to do simple algebra, so I’m next to useless when it comes to web code. You need to treat my like a handicapped victim and give me a wheelchair with a joystick (ie. give me lots of help or guidance on how to get the best colours, or at least the colours I want for the site, for the whole site, rather than editing hte css, saving, checking, then editing, saving checking etc. Is it also possible to have each page/section/area a different colour to differentiate? So reviews would be one colour, about would be another, archives another and so on and so forth?

    If I have the blog divided into categories, and was wondering if I could assign an image to a category, or for an image to display (for example, I dunno, an image of the globe for travel journals, or a head on fire to represent a rant?). ActuallY i’d like to be able to do this for the reviews as well, to distinguish x from y without just resorting to text. Again, can I do this and how is it done.

    I also have concerns about spam, as I hear it’s one of WP’s weaknesses (from those that have moved away from it). There seem to be a tonne of plugins, and lots of ways to manage it. I don’t want to moderate comments because it’s a pain in the arse, and I know there is no sure fire way to deal with it. Having read some comments, I set links 1 from 5, and added moderation but ideally want to remove it. What do you recommend I use. I’ve added kitten’s spamword thingy and added the spam words from the Wiki to Wp1.5’s own filter. What other precautions should I be taking that can ensure that I don’t get hit by “do you want to enlarge your….”.

    Knowing and reading all this, what would you say are the essential plugins I will need to enable me tod o this, if any or hacks and such that could at least assist me in my endeavour?

    Now I had something else to say, but then I started surfing the web and saw variations on the Kubrick theme which are pretty good. I saw one site that used rollover effects on the side, which was quite nifty. Is this hard to implement?

    The proper thing I wanted to ask I’ll try and remember.

    Anyway, that’s the bulk of what I want to get from WP, so I hope someone can help or at last provide guidance on what I should be doing to get things kick started from start to end.

    Many thanks in advance if you managed to wade through the text! 🙂

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