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  • After looking for a enhancement for TinyMCE the editor I came upon the “Ultimate TinyMCE”.

    I downloaded it, installed it.

    I then took a look at the actual source code and to MY COMPLETE AMAZE 95% of the “ultimate additions” are nothing but available plugin’s for TinyMCE that are freely available. Additionally the developer of this removed the copyrights of the original authors.

    Now with “some” of it, certainly not illegal to resell someone elses GPL (General Public License or MIT License work). However, it is supposed to keep copyrights in place.

    Essentially this “tool” is nothing but a bunch of stuff fully available freely that the developer has removed copyrights from and claims it his own and atop this wants to charge money for it.

    I was rather disappointed as I was expecting something more than the pluther of already available plugins at TinyMCE’s website. Clearly the developer is not truly a programmer (per se) creating his own unique additions to TinyMCE.

    By all means, it add’s functionality to TinyMCE Editor not in the original WordPress distribution. The same plugins can be found being used in a pluther of applications where MCE is used. Its useful and by all means download it. But if your considering paying for it do realize that virtually all of it is NOT his original work but that of others which you can get freely online.

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