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  • You have a pop up 😐 ??

    Biiig Error ! remove it man

    @chaaban, You don’t run some sort of pop-up blocker? Shame on you. 🙂

    The site looks fine, don’t care much about the content.


    i do 🙂

    i got 2 notifications that a pop-up trying to launch

    sp2 and my friend google

    Ewww popups 😀 Well anyways… Nice sleek design. Its simplistic… Very nice design… keep up the good work

    Sure would like to get some good constructive feedback on this.


    justinholt would appear to have posted constructively…. and really, “get rid of the popups” IS constructive (in my view of course).

    Actually, I’m using FF, and didn’t get any popup warnings and such. So I’ve no beef about that. Your site look is clean (as justinholt mentioned); however, it’s what I call “vanilla” – has no “look” to present itself as anything other than a site similar to millions of others.

    You might consider a logo which encapsulates your business. You probably should make some attempt at “branding”. I like the color selection, but overall it’s pretty bland.



    i agree with NO POPUPS, very annoying. also the site should pull me in. borderline dull, definately need a catchy logo and the “branding” idea is great. the “Use Link Banners to:” section could be a bit more eye catchy too. those are your selling points aren’t they? then they should stand out more:)




    Im not even going to bother looking. popups, popunders, both trash.

    Pop ups are gone. Thanks for that feedback. I’ll work on the bland look. I agree. I first wanted to get the inner workings done.

    Any other comments are welcome.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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