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  • I’m not a fan of having to scroll past all that crap to get to the blog. And scrolling past the google add on the sidebar to get to the links is also annoying. Too many adds, too much scrolling.

    I have to agree with Jedyt, but here is a more constructive response.

    I’d move the smaller ads to the bottom of the page, in or above the footer. The larger ad can sit up there, but the text ads (and your comment about moderating comments – I’ll get to that in a moment) need to go into the sidebar or elsewhere as it looks like content (I thought they were post titles) and you don’t want that, no matter how much money you might want to make on people clicking those inadvertantly, people are not happy when they think they are clicking for content and getting ads.

    As for the comment on comment moderation, that belongs with your comments, not at the top of your first page. It sets an angry and defensive tone that you really don’t want.

    More importantly than all of that, you have a lot of validation problems and if you hang out on the forum, you will quickly learn that pretty, working code means a lot more than a pretty site. 😉 These need to be fixed.

    The colors are nice, and the blockquote nice, but I’d widen the bottom or top border on the blockquote to give it a more dimensional look.

    The ads on the top and single pages are fine, compared to the front page. They are clearly ads and don’t interfer with the post itself.

    The header is very nice, though the “MeeCiteeWurkor” on the left is VERY hard to see against the picture. I’d move it below, just to the left of the blue hard hat in the “empty” space there. The red against the orange shirt makes it very hard to see.

    Also, the exclamation point after “Photos” is not necessary and actually clutters your neat navigation bar. Might want to lose that to maintain the clean look there. Very neat nav bar.

    I married a Tulsa boy, so I was tickled to see “this is your brain on Tulsa”.

    Thanks for the input! I will attempt to implement all your suggestions. I noticed the validation problems, as well. Having a hard time fixing them all. I do know, that when I use blockquotes with links in them, I get errors everywhere. Not sure what to do about that. Jedyt, I agree that scrolling down to get to the blog is most annoying. I’ve been wanting to reduce the size of the header picture. I will move the sidebar ads down below all the main links.

    I really appreciate the input. I’ve implemented your suggestions. How does it look now?
    I’m still baffled about the validation.

    Is it possible that the validation problems are coming from me using formatting tags like “strong” and “font” directly in the theme files instead of utilizing the style sheet?

    ok, it only took me a few days, but everything is validated now. I had some pretty shoddy code made up when I put in the ads. I’ll have to start over with them. oh well..
    At least it validates now!

    Good for you. And what HAPPENED?

    I justed viewed your site again and the delightful header art has now been replaced with a…not so interesting look. Each to his or her own.

    The ads at the top of the page remain, and the feed icons now reside there, too. Very uncomfortable to scroll past and look at. Clutters everything up. Consider moving this ENTIRE section to the bottom. People want CONTENT and no amount of advertising you do will ever replace the people who lose interest because of being hit in the face with ads up front.

    I know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this, but remember your audience. From the moment the page loads, it now feels like an assault on the senses, a far cry from the feeling I got when I first reviewed the site. There seems to be MORE ads – I have NEVER clicked on an ad in a blog, and when there are too many, I am even less inclined to stay for long. Ads work, but when they lure you in with subtle grace, matching content with advertising, they work much better. Anyway, the site had more maturity and style when I first reviewed it. I know you are “under construction” but take a step back and really LOOK at it.

    Hmm. Ok, if you’re referring to the blockquoted text at the top, those are site announcements. Last week I gave away a $10 gas card. There’s another announcement for an interview I did with a group attempting to recall Tulsa’s mayor. They’re not ads. Well, not in the strictest sense of the word I guess. The real ads are in the sidebar below all the links.
    Do you think those ads in the sidebar are distracting? They get clicked at least 10 times a day, as well as the one’s on the bottom and in articles.
    I’ve received positve feedback on the new image at the top. It reflects the mood I wish to convey. (Tulsa politics are turbulent at the moment…”

    I really appreciate the comments. It’s really helping me design the site better.
    Do you really thing I should move the feeds images to the sidebar?

    ooooohhh! You’re talking about the ads on the post pages and regular pages! I see what you’re saying now. thanks! I’m gonna alter those tonight, as well.

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