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  • The official documentation lacks precise information on how to set this up. Especially for non-technically minded persons. So, long story short, I assume you already have created a SumUp account:

    1. Login to your SumUp account
    2. Go to the developer settings in your account
    3. Scroll down to the bottom, where it says “OAuth …”
    4. Generate new credentials
    5. Choose app-type “Web”
    6. Enter anything for client name (I entered the name of my shop). It’s just a reference for you.
    7. As callback URL enter the URL to which the user should be redirected after the payment with SumUP has been processed. This is likely your shop’s URL. It’s not an API callback URL, but a simple redirect.
    8. The Authorized JavaScript Origin should be set to your shop’s homepage, in order to add a little more security.
    9. Click the Save button.
    10. The new client ID is shown in the OAuth section.
    11. Copy and paste the client ID to the appropriate field in the plugin configuration.
    12. To get the client secret, download the JSON file and open it with the simple text-editor like Notepad or similar.
    13. In the JSON you find something like “client_secret”:”cc_sk_classic_…”
    14. The part between the quotes starting with “cc_sk_classic_” or similar is your client secret.
    15. Copy and paste the client secret in the appropriate field in the plugins configuration.
    16. Enter the e-mail address of your SumUp account into the field “login e-mail”
    17. Save your settings.

    That’s all you need to do. Have fun!

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  • You are an absolute hero my friend.

    The developers set up everything without even giving the users a guide on how to set it up, I am so glad that i found this.

    Let me know your PP and i will send you some money

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    Thanks for your offer, but I don’t need any money. If you really want to pay tribute, you are free to donate some BTC to this address: 0x160443c73f5fb9cdeace14ec5cb431fd51f68ed5 on BNB Smart Chain (BEP20). All donations will be used to support Ukrainian refugees.

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