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    Hi guys, I figured out how to get my testimonials working in multisite 3.1.1 and thought I would share since many of you are having the same problem. Here are the steps to fix it:

    • Go to Network Admin > Plugins > WP Customer Reviews > Edit
    • Make sure you are looking at wp-customer-reviews.php
    • Scroll to line 39 and look for global $table_prefix;
    • Change this to global $wpdb;
    • Scroll a little more until you see $this->dbtable = $table_prefix.$this->dbtable;
    • Change this to $this->dbtable = $wpdb->prefix.$this->dbtable;
    • Save the file (this gave me an error page, but go back and refresh to see if it updated.

    Then I’m assuming if you disable and re-enable it it will work, but instead since I am only using it on one of my sites I ran SQL to create the table for the site I was using. Here is how you would do this in a way that I have tested and am SURE works:

    • Open up your database manager in PHPmyAdmin
      (you can find your login details in wp-config.php in the root of your site if you don’t remember them or had your host create the database)
    • Navigate to your wp_wpcreviews table (click on it)
    • Click the export tab – leave the settings default and make sure it exports to SQL code
    • Copy this code
    • Go back to the main part of your database
    • Click the SQL tab
    • Paste the code into the box
    • MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE the table name from wp_wpcreviews to wp_6_wpcreviews (where 6 is the number of the site you want it installed in)
    • You can repeat this step (changing the site number) for multiple sites on your wordpress install that you want this to work on
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  • Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Thanks for looking into this. We will try to release a multisite capable update soon. This will help all those until then 🙂

    Hey goetree

    Awesome, thanks for posting.

    If I understand correctly, you are suggesting either the code or the SQL procedure, but not both.

    I applied your code, but still get the same behaviour. Any suggestions?

    thanks a lot

    Sorry if this is confusing. You have to change the code and ALSO move the SQL over. This is to make room in the database for the plugin to run – because multisite is setup differently in the database than a regular wordpress install – names like wp_foo are wp_1_foo — something like that. Basically, without updating the database, the plugin has nowhere to store its files.

    See if it works after you update the database, you have to make sure that you change your site number on the table name before you run it. If you have multiple sites you are using it on, you have to do this step for EACH site that you want to use it on, changing the number on the database to that site number each time.

    Another thing I have noticed is that if you are using multisite and have made use of extra sites (and have more than one) and you do NOT want to use the reviews app for each site, you will have to manually go into each site created in the dashboard and alter the custom reviews settings so that it does NOT show the hcard information. Otherwise, it will spout random jibberish onto your site that will show while it is loading in some cases.

    Please hurry and make us a solution!! Another thing I’d like to ask for on any future releases is the ability to change the formatting of the additional fields. This can be as simple as wrapping them in a div with an id. But I haven’t gotten around to digging through the PHP to do this myself yet, so itd be great to have it in future updates, as it looks a little weird when you use all the fields, see?

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Thanks for the help goetree.

    2.2.8 will be released in a few minutes, and adds multi-site support by default. I’ve added a link to this post on the “FAQ” page of the plugin, so that existing multi-site users can use your tutorial in the first post to migrate over to the db_#_table format from the db_table format. I don’t have a good working multi-site to test this on, but my initial tests had it working fine. If there is any issue, please let me know.

    As far as the hCard information spewing random gibberish, please let me know where that is, or provide an example of a site that is doing it. There should be no distinction in the code that makes it do anything different for a multi-site vs a single blog since they all run the same underlying functions. Let me know what the issue was with this.

    Thank you so much!

    The gibberish issue I was having didn’t really have anything to do with your code. It is only happening because I did not patch my database for every site I was running to make sure they were equipped for Custom Reviews; I only wanted your plugin on one of the maybe 10 sites I have on my install.

    What I found after network activating, is that the sites that did not use multisite were showing the hcard information by default, and to keep that from showing up I had to go to that site’s dashboard and go through the settings and set hcard to Never for each site that I was not using the plugin on. Otherwise, I believe the default option is to show hcard always on every page, or something to that notion. This isn’t something you should worry about fixing now that you have support for multisite, because it is assumed that if someone has activated the plugin they intend to use it and will be in the settings shortly to rectify it to do what it needs to do.

    This could also be a loading issue (most likely is). I was in a panic when I first saw my hcard information show up on one site because it was a site I setup as a portfolio for freelancing companies and they will ban you if you have any contact information on them. So I didn’t wait around to notice if it stayed there after the page finished loading, I rushed through to turn hcard off on all of my sites that weren’t using it. It seems most likely to me in retrospect, that the site I witnessed this on, just had so many other javascript and styles going that it didn’t get a chance to hide the hcard information – maybe it loads the CSS that hides the information AFTER everything else on my site.

    Anyway, I hope that helps you figure out what I’m talking about, but really I don’t see any reason you should be worried about it as it is not a bug and doesn’t not affect anything unless maybe it shows for a few seconds while the page loads; should not bother anyone.

    Thanks so much for the new release! i will go check it out but ask here anyway so I don’t have to come back later; Do you have instructions for how I would upgrade without losing my reviews I’ve input? Especially in light of how mine is setup in the first place? If so, that’d be great. If you’ve already answered this somewhere obvious on your install page don’t bother to answer me here, I will find it in a minute anyway. 🙂

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    You actually provided the instructions for upgrading in your first post, which is what I provided in the FAQ tab of the plugin page (on this site). Basically, just export [prefix]_wpcreviews table and then import it to [prefix]_[#]_wpcreviews would be what I would recommend.. I’m always available for support hourly if something comes up that needs help though 🙂

    goetree: thanks for taking the time 🙂

    Since I only had test reviews, I decided to start from scratch as far as the plugin was concerned. I uninstalled, reinstalled, but things were the same, so I uninstalled, dropped wp_wpcreviews, reinstalled,
    but still did not get the expected proper behaviour. (and wp_wpcreviews was created again).

    How can I clean out any and all plugin settings so that it should work without SQL intervention on all sites (and on future sites) ?



    Sorry bluenote but I no idea. Maybe the updated version will help you. I only know how to get it working with SQL 🙂

    bompus, can you comment ? it seems like this is either not working, or part of the initialization isn’t being run for me.

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