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  • Hello people of wordpress! This is my first wordpress site so go easy on me ;)… constructive criticism is welcome, of course…

    here is my site: photoshopthispic

    I was inspired by a forum on FARK and only realized after I made it that there is a ‘photoshop battles’ subreddit…HAHA! Oh, well…this is an entire site dedicated to photoshop battles (because I LOVE doing them).

    Anyways, I am also writing up photoshop tutorials and in the process of adding more to the tips and tricks section as well as creating my own video tutorials for my youtube channel.

    Please let me know what you think! I upload new pictures every Friday and hold monthly contests. This is still a very new website so I only have a few consistent people who come on and photoshop them. Hopefully, the number of people that come on and participate will grow.

    If anyone has similar website (photos/technology/humor) that have ideas how we could help each other out, let me know!

    The only things I DON’T like about my theme: No sidebar. I tried adding one. It worked, but then I wasn’t able to access my admin dashboard (go figure) so I reverted back to the theme before the side bar edits. I also wish that my ‘inspiration’ page was more bloggy (didn’t have to click on each picture to view).

    Thanks!! 😀

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  • Hi
    Your site looks good, I’m not sure that a slide bar would look good with this theme. I’d flesh out the content a bit more but your on the right path.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You really should change the website’s appearance different to that of its theme. Otherwise you’ll blend in with others who also downloaded that theme. I don’t think different content will suffice.

    Nice layout, very organised! I do agree with Andrew however, just experiment a bit with colors etc. to make it more “you” if you get my point.

    But overall nice work and I like the site subject, thumbs up!

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to have a look! I greatly appreciate the feedback.

    I TOTALLY agree with what you guys are saying about changing the theme up a bit to make it more unique because I am sure there are others who use this theme as well! 😀

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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