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  • There lots of work in making a membership plugin and WP-Members has many details crafted in WP-Members however I would like to point out feedback which may be helpful.

    – The support forum or for Premium support utilizes a blog format which if there were just a few post would be sufficient. I suggest using a forum script to provide a community support environment

    – Add the ability to include an avatar or image for the member, this is all too basic and should be straight forward for non coders.

    – CAPTCHA is counter productive and is a nuisance, therefore a human reaction field would be a better option.

    The plugin has a form maker which is possibly the only membership plugin which offers this. You can add custom fields with a number of field types.

    Gratitude for a great plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    You referred to it as a “great plugin” but only gave it three stars?

    A big “pro” that I think was missed here is the fact that the plugin is a framework and is therefore extremely extensible. And with extensibility comes the flexibility to implement alternate processes (such as if you don’t like reCAPTCHA, you could integrate something else into the registration process – there are action hooks that would allow for this). Also, CAPTCHA is there, like most other features in the plugin, based on requests from users. The key is that it is an “option” and is not a “requirement.”

    While some alternate process for avatars will probably be added in the future, WordPress already has gravatar support built in.

    I’m not sure where you are getting that support is a “blog format” – while I do use a blog to write articles regarding the plugin, premium support is handled in a private bbPress forum, and free support is here in the forums. The fact that people ask questions in the comments of my personal blog is not something that I felt necessary to stop, but it’s not where I direct them for support either.

    Thanks for the review.

    I was not able to give it 5 stars:

    1 – The support system using a blog it becomes difficult to find your post and is overall inefficient. So that is not support, as it looks like support. I did ask you if this is the way paid support will behave and did not get a response.

    2 – You are unable to include an image or avatar as part of a member’s profile, a basic function of a membership plugin out-of-the-box. WP-Members plugin require the admin to deal with hooks, snippets or coding in order to have an avatar and the date the user registered to display.

    If you have several pending users who have not activated an account, which may be bots, the admin would want to know how long has that account be awaiting activation. Has it been just a few days or a few months?

    Support is a part of the rating process of a product. You do answer questions in a timely manner and they are helpful so I do give a 5 star for this.

    Overall the product is stable of great use and is being upgraded within short cycles. If I could change my rating from a 3 to 4, I would gladly do as I did not understand that the blog is not for support although it is being used for support.

    The framework from which is WP-Members is built, with its extensibility is a plus plus.

    Figure out how to change your rating and do so… this thing is too good for anything less than five stars. And if you really insist on nit-picking, try 4 stars.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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