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  • I’m just starting a new site and wordpress seems like a great option but I have a question. If I host the blog on my own space and use the Hemingway Theme can I style it and change things as I’d like? Are we allowed to add images and tweek the theme to make it work for our specific needs?



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  • Nearly all (if not all) themes available for WP allow you to modify the theme as you see fit. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a theme that you couldn’t freely edit, though some do ask for / require a link back or to have their info remain in the file comments. Check the files that come with the theme – either in a license file that would be included or the style.css file you’ll find that theme author’s rules. If there are no rules stated, I usually assume that means I have free license…

    Hey there, I was just stopping by here but thought I’d let you know for sure: You’re more than welcome to customize Hemingway. In fact, I encourage it 🙂

    In my next release I’ll have a more explicit lisencing statement, but in the meantime assume it’s MIT (do whatever you want with any part of it).

    Cool this is great news 8-]

    I selected it when doing a test. Now I’ve downloaded the wordpress setup files and downloaded a version, Hemingway 0.1 Alpha. Is this the latest version? Thanks for the info and thanks for posting Brak, Cheers.

    Oh and if you know what file(s) I need to edit so I can have little icons by the catagory names that would be great too…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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