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  • Has anyone tried this theme yet, I am waiting for some feedback please.


    Sadish: Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll have to. Quite a nice change to the theme. Very very nice looking. The only challenge with a theme like this is getting people to read more than just the front page (unless you’re REALLY good at openings — and I find myself lacking in that department), and hoping people can “figure out” how to use the page. (I don’t know how many times people have complained to me that most blogs, though obvious in their functionality to bloggers, are had to figure out. I tried a hack-meat solution on my own blog — putting up instructions — but I’m not sure how to get around this particular issue.)

    All that aside, good job, and I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

    “are had to figure out” = “are hard to figure out”, but with a Boston accent. Yeah, that’s it, Boston.

    think it’s a bit bland, but the layout and such is great! just would look better with other colors

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Yeah, I know it can be a lot more ‘brighter’, but I need to give atleast some pleasure of conversion to you as well. isnt it ? 😉

    and gnorb: you can also set it to present the full posts, on the home page. just change the_excerpt to the_content() on the index.php and see how it looks.


    hi! modified it a bit, nice and sleek silverish:

    Hey It looks so nice.

    One thing though. the ancillary page at the bottom, at first shows a black color and then it changes to the normal colour. just look around and see where you have something like background:#000 url(…);

    good work, keep tweaking.

    If you think the footer text is getting too long, you could say,
    with hemingway bright flavor.


    there, all changed. any other ideas? maybe you would like to show the redesign on 😛

    Looks good.

    hey, trying to make the header and nav bar look like the one from the drunkey love theme

    I am not as big a Hemingway fan as I use to be.I find the theme to be lacking a lot of WordPress functionality right out the box, and just like the above poster, Hemingway in particular tends to leave regular folk confused.I used the theme for 24 hours and scrapped it.

    I love this theme. Mostly for the simplicity in look and feel as well as the multi column approach. I’ve been working on something similar, but I never got it to work as perfectly as this, so I’m going to stop development efforts and simply port this to my regular site once I get a couple last things figured out. You can see my version of it at

    I haven’r rolled it out yet for 3 reasons:

    1. I can’t find the code in the page template or CSS where it defines how many characters of the posts are loaded into the index.php page before you get the “more” tag. I’d like to present about 2x the content before cutting it off.
    2. I’m really trying hard to figure out if I can use the “onecol-stories” AND the “twocol-stories” at the same time. Every time I try this, whichever class goes first is the one that CSS takes. What I’m trying to do is have the most recent post be in a wider onecol followed below by the next 4 posts in twocol. I might be doing something wrong, but then again I’m a novice.
    3. this one I’m pretty sure is user error. I want the search form to appear as part of the topnav. So far no matter what I do it goes under the current topnave instead of as an entry within it. I’ll figure this one out eventually. It’s really #1 & 2 that are driving me crazy.

    Thanks for the great mod the Hemingway. I love the columns and as you can see, I brigtened it up even more than you had it before!!!

    Glad to see you are making it more elegant. hope you are enjoying it as much as i did, when i did the conversion.

    hello Sadish,

    I really appreciate that you made your own theme. But i have a question, i would luke to have the two columns of posts in my default wordpresstheme … can you explain to me how i can do this…?

    Thank you


    What I’d do (though I might be from the old fashioned learning generation) – so, I’d download the theme, dissect every line of code of it until I understand what’s going on… and then apply it to my favorite theme. Not excluded though, it wouldn’t work with my “favorite”.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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