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  1. chweifly
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Blank Target Comments is a great plugin which can converts link references in comments. It adds target=�_blank� to links posted by comment authors and to the comment author (comment by:) link. This plugin also removes rel=�nofollow� in the comment authors link.

    But when I test it in these website, it can't work:

    They used WordPress, and they've used the plugin "Comment Quicktags" 1.0 by Owen Winkler, "Trencaspammers" by Gabriel Ortega and "Page Navigation" by GaMerZ.

    Need Help!

  2. prissed
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Are you using the wp-comments-post.php that came with Trencaspammers?

    I'm suspecting it's a conflict with this plugin, since it uses a customized wp-comments-post.php file, and I notice it's passing variables differently...but can't be sure. I didn't dig too deep into that plugin.

    You could try disabling the plugin, and uploading the original WP comments.php and wp-comments-post.php files to see if the problem continues.

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