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  • Hi there,
    My broadband ISP charges me according to per MB used. And this self-hosted WordPress thing kinda takes away 25MB data transfer even when making 2-3 posts , updating a few links in sidebar menu and replying to a few comments.

    I’m afraid this is because of WordPress dashboard.
    Is there a way for “lite Weight” wordpress dashboard, you know something like Gmail’s classic interface for slow-speed / dialup internet? That way I could save my precious bandwidth which is wasted in this data transfer.

    Yes, I already tried scribefire, but it seems that Scribefire constantly sends data to and fro to the wordpress and so even while posting a HTML TXT worth barely 100kb, my data transfer shows 5 to 6 MB transfer. (I’m using Kaspersky, and I’m 100% sure, there is no other background program eating my bandwidth.)


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  • You have the following options. I think the first one is the best.

    1. Change your ISP would definitely be the way to go. They should be charging you by GB used not MB used.
    2. Go to Starbucks or other cafe that have wifi and use free access to internet.
    3. Work from a cybercafe as it might turn out to be much cheaper but if there is any spyware or malware in the cybercafe your PC and website could get infect and that would be truly a serious problem.

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