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  • Hey guys, my site looks great on my mac in Safari and Firefox: – but on any PC it is not loading in IE and the browser is crashing! Can somebody take a look at the source code to see what the problem is? I really want to use the wordpress within my site’s div layer structure, but i suspect that is the problem. Any help or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

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    thats called the w3c validator. it can be very helpful. it saves lots of time.

    Look at the errors, paying close attention to errors 17 and 18, related to your doctype declaration and the <HTML> tag

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    If its still not clear to you after looking at that. You have managed to insert a second doctype declaration, and a second HTML tag. You cant do that. Thats where I would start.

    The problem to which you refer is coming from the WP header doctype declaration. When I strip it of the doctype though, I still have the error and IE is still crashing. There are even more errors now because it doesn’t know what document the header is and it can’t load the CSS if I take away that tag. Any ideas?

    Looks like you’ve used a Dreamweaver template, which is one way to go.

    However, in what I presume is your content area, you’ve started the header again — starting with the doctype.

    These will need to be cleaned up, and then I’d suggest validating your code; it’s the easiest way to glory.

    You’re correct, I am using Dreamweaver. When I eliminate the header doctype, however, it strips away the CSS. Is there any way to ditch the header doctype (in favor of my main doctype outside of the div layer) and still keep my WP CSS?

    To fix this problem, I’m wondering if there is a way to strip the header of the doctype and still call up the css?

    I often edit files, including WordPress files, in Dreamweaver.

    But with WordPress, because it has its own theme functionality (kind of like templates in pieces), there’s no reason to use a Dreamweaver Template (which has different functionality than the usual concepts of templates).

    You could always create a new page from the DW Template, then remove the Template from that page (in DW: Modify > Templates > Detach from Page), and then use bits from that page to create your WordPress theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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