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  • for some reason my site (which i tweaked in Safari) works great everywhere but firefox. the sidebar jumps down below the content when you start going from page to page. any ideas on what i could do to remedy this? thanks!

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  • Thew few pages I tried in Firefox 1.0.66 on Windows displayed fine, is it just particular pages?

    yeah, the page loads fine, but when you start going back and forth between pages, the sidebar jumps over a little closer to the content. i fixed it so the sidebar doesn’t end up under the content, but it’s still a little weird. and only in firefox, which is even weirder.

    erll.. on some pages like
    you have empty span tags.. are they supposed to be empty?

    on these pages it pushes the menu too far to the left in firefox almost running over the content
    <p class="nav"><span class="prev"></span>
    <span class="next"></span></p>

    for instance, from the main page if you go to contact, the sidebar jumps over to the left. and then when you go back to the main page, it stays to the left, but lines back up in the correct position if you refresh. it’s driving me crazy! i don’t care too much, because i use safari, but alot of my friends are using firefox, so i don’t want it to be askew for them.

    hi estjohn. sorry, i don’t know what span tags are, or where they’re located. what you have pasted there, is that what mine looks like, or is that how to fix it? thanks!

    Thats what I am seeing.. I dunno if that is what is actually causing the problem or a result from the problem

    so what does that mean that they’re empty? is there something i can plug in to see if it changes anything?

    You need to figure out what is putting them in and not putting any content into them. View the source of a “good ” page and see what it puts between the SPAN tags or of the span tags are even tehre. I am not sure that is the problem though. I just know it is what I saw and that can cause problems.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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