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  • We recently installed wordpress from a localhost server to the root of our domain

    Everything was imported into the database without a problem, we can log in via admin And edit pages and posts and all plugins are fine.

    The problem we have is that if you type in the URL – instead of taking visitors to the Homepage (i.e. index.php or any web page) wordpress somehow keeps redirecting visitors to the admin log in screen. So instead of going to : it goes to

    I am not sure why it puts in this re-direct as the wp-config.php file has been updated with all The database settings and the site is visible correctly – so long as you are logged in.

    If I click (visit site) from within wordpress I can see all the pages fine. If you log out, and go to the domain url you get this redirect issue show at the top of the web page browser and visitors keep being a redirected to log in when when they should not.

    I have checked the privacy settings and the site is not private I have checked the .htaccess file and wp-config.php and they seem to be correct but somehow this redirect (like below) keeps apprearing

    We are concerned just want visitors to get to our homepage like normal. we have search the internet for solutions but cannot find any. Please can you point us in the right direction or shed some light as to what is wrong with our wordpress install. If you are instructing us for any code changes etc… please be very specific e.g what file and where with specific 1,2,3, type instructions to save time.

    We really look forward to someones help and assistance with this. Thanks!

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  • We were not sure how long it was going to take to receive a reply, so we decided to re-install wordpress all over again. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions about what we should do (with regard to the above query) please let us know why this happened, and leave a reply for us – just in case the same problem occurs. Thank you.

    I clicked the link and it didn’t redirect me to the log in page.

    No idea what issue you are talking about. :S

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    This URL

    says that you came from which … doesn’t exist. That’s not even a wordpress site….

    Dump your browser cache and try again.

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