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  • Alex King has a tantalizingly great plugin called WP-Last-Visit. On his blog, he notes that he has only released the old version, because he does not appreciate rude comments asking for help. So I am not asking him for help. I am instead asking here.

    I have a few problems right off the bat. I am using Wp 2.1.1. Installation and Activation of the plugin went fine. But when I follow step 3, adjusting for the age of the documentation, my blog fails to load properly.

    Step 3.

    Add this line within the <head> tags of your index.php and wp-comments-popup.php pages.

    <?php require(bloginfo(‘url;’).’/wp-content/plugins/wp-last-visit.php?type=js’); ?>

    I put the code into header.php, as there are no <head> tags in my index.php. Still nothing. I changed require to include, and the page loads, leading me to believe that the path was incorrect. I did some research and changed bloginfo(‘url;’) to bloginfo(‘wpurl’) as my install is in a non-standard location. Still nothing.

    So I hardcoded the path into the require. Now it at least gets the file (it outputs some of the file’s code, the js part, so I know it is finding the file, more on that in a later post).

    So, please, someone explain to me why this:

    require '';

    works, but this:

    <?php require (bloginfo('wpurl').'/wp-content/plugins/wp-last-visit.php?type=js'); ?>

    does not, when the url used is exactly the same (I have checked).



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  • I am also trying to implement this less than descriptive set of instructions for the Andreas09 theme. Most of the plugins have been excellent in telling you about where to place the code. I also got to step 3 and got file not found msgs’s.. By changing the ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-last-visit.php?type=js’); ?>
    to the complete ‘ I finally got a whole lot of the js code printed out.

    It wasn’t in the instructions, but I had to change wp-last-visit-php to plug in “full” site name and domain name. I don’t know if it is an error or not, but this same mudule has an occurance of $siteurl1 without the $ sign. Don’t know enough about PHP to judge. Ahh, the trials of being s newbie.

    I have also noticed the following:
    Step 3: I don’t have a wp-comments-popup.php file. I had to assume I would have to use my wp-comments.php file??
    Step 4: He doesn’t say what module or where to place the code.
    Step 5: Again, I can’t get this far to know where to place the code.
    Step 6: Again, I have no wp-comments-popup.php file.
    Step 7: I did a search and can find no comments_popup_link().

    If you don’t have this solved perhaps we can help each other. If you do, do you have a url where I can see it?

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