HELP with WordPress.Com Stats! "Error from last API key attempt" (4 posts)

  1. speakeasy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    HELP WordPress community!!,

    I'm trying to change or allow other users to access my blog stats. However, I keep getting this msg!:

    Error from last API Key attempt:

    The owner of that API Key (BLOG A) is not on the access list for this blog. When this blog was registered, USER's API key was used. To add you to the access list, USER must visit this blog's stats dashboard page and use the form at the bottom of that page.

    The message says theres a form where i can add other users to my blog stats but i can't seem to find it anywhere. Can you please help me and fix my problem! I'm in a HUGE rot here!!

    Looking for help and any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Andy Skelton
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Sorry about that! A bug was preventing authorized users from adding new people to the access list. It's fixed now.

  3. bakkel
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem now. I can't register a second blog with my api-key, it says I have to grand it access. I think this problem isn't fixed yet!

  4. Andy Skelton
    Posted 9 years ago #

    To help you, I need the error message.

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