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  • Hey guys, I’m a tad comfused. I’ll start by saying I have NO HTML knowledge so please talk to me in layman’s terms.
    I’ve downloaded the WooCommerce plugin. I’m using the WP theme “Adroa”. The problem is that on the WooCommerce pages, WooCommerce has created a rather random menu of links in the right hand sidebar. Everything that is already represented in my site’s menu at the top of the page is also represented in this sidebar, only it looks awful. I intend to just add the shop to the top of the page nav menu with all the relevant links to every relevant page (My Account, Checkout, all that), I don’t want it in the sidebar – but I can’t find any documentation on how to remove it??? I’ve wondered if adding a WooTheme would resolve it, but I can’t find any documentation that will tell me whether or not that theme would apply to my whole site (do NOT want that, I’m happy with my site as it is) or just to the shop part (that might be ok as long as I could customise it to look similar to the rest of the shop). Ideally though I’d like the shop to look the same as the rest of the site.
    Not sure if it’ll help, but my site is here – The shop has not been published though so you won’t be able to see the issue with the side bar menu on the actual site. You can see the menu along the top though – every item on every pull down menu is inserted in a random order in this sidebar menu created by Woocommerce, in grey against the pinkish background of the site while the Widget areas have just been pushed down to make room for it. Not a good look!!

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  • Normally, everything that is added to the sidebar is Widget…

    In your WP admin, (I’m sorry I don’t have the English word), if you place your cursor on “apparence”, just above Extensions, you will see Widgets.
    Click on Widgets.
    On this page, you should see on your right Primary. If it is not developped, click on the little arrow at the right and you will see all the widgets installed in your sidebar. Just delete the ones you don’t want…

    Hope it helps!

    Hi, thanks for responding, unfortunately that’s not it. 🙁 The widget sidebar under Appearance > Widgets has two widgets there, a slideshow and a Facebook Like box, that’s all. On all the non-Woocommerce pages it looks perfect, but on the Woocommerce pages (Shop, My Account, Products etc), those two widget areas have been pushed down and a list of all the pages, both the Woocommerce and the main site pages all mixed up together, is in a list above the widget areas. The links are active but they look awful, they’re not in a white sidebar like the widgets are, they’re just up against the background image.

    In addition, I’ve found a second problem with Woocommerce: in the Shop > My products section, rather than listing grouped products and showing the individual products in each group only when you click on their group, it’s showing every product all jumbled up together. To my mind, it makes no sense since one is a parent category of all the others. I would like it to just show the grouped products on this page and that you have to click on the grouped product to see all the various products in that group. Is there any way to achieve this?

    For both problems I don’t know what to tell you…

    But I found you can get support on Adroa on :

    Maybe you can try there…

    For your products…

    You have to go to Products > Categories.
    You need to create all the categories you need (ex. group 1, group 2, group 3, etc.)
    Then when creating your products you assign them the good category (on your right when creating your product).
    So when clicking on your Shop link, you’ll see a page with all the groups and when clicking on a group, you’ll see all the products this group contains.

    Is it what you wanted to do!?

    Thanks Touteptite, really appreciate you taking the time to look into it and reply. I wish I could say it was resolved, but it’s not. 🙁 What I’m trying to do is this: Create a Category called Art Prints. Under Art Prints I created several grouped products, say Group 1, 2 and 3, then each of those has multiple types of different prints in it. When looking at the Shop, I want it to just show the Grouped Products, ie, Group 1, 2 and 3, without showing each individual product in each group on the same page. I’ve tried creating sub categories and putting each Grouped Product in its own sub category as you suggested but it still shows every single product, grouped and individual, on the Shop page, all jumbled up together. It makes no sense to me – what’s the point in grouping them if you’re just going to mix it all up and ignore the groups anyway?

    I will go to the Adroa theme link you provided to hopefully sort out the weird menu, thank you!!!!

    Once again, really appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me try to sort it out. 🙂


    I think I’m having the exact same issue as you using the Customizr theme. I’m currently trying to find a solution. I’ll let you know if I do.

    I’m assuming you’ve moved the woocommerce product/category/archive templates into your child theme woocommerce folder and created you custom template. If not, see here for more info.

    Also, so you know I’ve tried the Woosliders plugin to solve this problem but it had no affect.

    Hope some of this helps.


    I found a solution that worked for me!!!

    It involves simply making your own custom sidebar just for the Woocommerce pages. You can find the answer here in this forum thread.

    Again, as long as you have the shop template files in your child theme folder and unhooked the Woocommerce container div and the woocommerce sidebar in the single-product.php, etc. files you can just follow the steps in this thread.

    Good luck. I hope this is what you were looking for.

    Oh, and a note: When making the sidebar-shop.php file be sure to add <?php to the beginning of the code provided in the thread. It was mistakenly omitted. The upload this file to your theme directory on the same level as your functions.php file.

    hi i need help. similar to what has been said above but i have absoloutely no html code skills etc.

    I have am creating a online cake shop, my shop page has all the products jumbled up on it which i do not want, what i would like is a shop page with widgets on that customers can click on and would take to say cheesecakes etc.

    instead i have a drop down menu on the shop page for all the catergories which is ok but its the shop page with ALL my products on in a random order and looks terrible

    can someone help at all?


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