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  1. jandrews88
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm at wits end here, and ready to start pulling out my hair. I'm trying to install a program, and the instruction manual is written in cryptic Unix commands. I do not have shell access through my web host--and even if I *DID*, I have never used Unix commands before so it all looks like Greek to me.

    The instruction manual says...

    From the command line, change directory to program-gui/ in your webserver's web path.

    • Type the following commands:
    chmod -R a+r .
    chmod -R a+w logo.gif tempdir/ templates_c/

    I recognize that this has something to do with changing file permissions (chmod). I am using Filezilla and I need to know

    1.) Does the very first command equal chmod 777 ?
    2.) What does the second command mean? I need a number here, chmod _____?

  2. chaaban
    Posted 9 years ago #

    i recommend that your search in SEARCH ENGINES ...

    this is a wordpress support forum not unix ...

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