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  • Hey,

    Please see the image below:

    I include this options.php file inside my functions.php file, and, for the most part, it works.

    However, as soon as I hit Save, I get redirected to my blog (instead of receiving the “Settings Saved” notification) and it says “No posts found.” If I click the browser’s back button, the settings are saved and all is well. So, my problem is the weird redirecting that happens after I hit Save :/

    Maybe the problem is in the header( “Location: $location” ); section?

    Also, I constructed this options.php file using the official codex and loads of tutorials I found via Google, and while most of this options.php file makes sense to me, the section labeled “What the hell” doesn’t. I understand what it’s doing in a big-picture kind of way but the steps (does that make sense?) are confusing.

    Are the register_settings() and settings_fields() necessary? None of the tutorials I found have them, yet the codex say they’re important.

    If anyone could help me improve this WordPress theme options file, I’d be forever grateful! Thanks in advance.

    Here’s a like to the file:


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