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  1. majorminor
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I am modifying the theme for the blog above and got stuck with a few things.

    I need to make the follow changes but Im not sure how to do them.

    1. I need the search bar to be on the right of the menu and acutally work. Im not sure how I lost the submit button.

    2. Is there anyway I can add an image to the bottom of the sidebar and main post section? Similar as the rounded corners on the top, I would like to have those on the bottom as well.

    3. What tag do I edit to make a divider line between posts?

    4. What tag do I edit to change the color of the text in the right sidebar? Currently some of it is black still.

    Thanks to everyone in advance. This is my first time editing a wordpress blog so Im all over the place with this.

    Thanks again!

  2. phyreal
    Posted 7 years ago #

    style.css - make the changes to these tags:

    1.don't really understand what you mean here but if you want it sitting under your menu and to the right then you need to put it in the (<div>#blog #blog_right) and maybe float it right or set some padding. may be that will help you with the content div as well.

    2. yeah this is a weird image as it's sliced into 5 pieces by the looks of it. easiest way for you would be to recreate it and set it as a background image in the (<div>#blog .blog_item .blog_item_title)

    3. (<div>#blog .blog_item .panel) - divider line between posts is an image

    4. (<div>#blog #blog_right #blog_right_pad #sidebar td.td_right h2) - you need to change the colour to #cd0000

    hope this helps you in some way if not its because i'm new to this as well

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