• Hello…

    My Plugin SVN is kind of messed up! I’m unable to Download file to Modify any new changes… It’s giving me the following:

    When i Copy (I’ve deleted the Original Folder so I decided to Download and Update the changes):

    svn co http://svn.wp-plugins.org/wp-reportpost
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/rp-view.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wprp.css
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/rp-options.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/loading.gif
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wp-reportpage.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wp-options.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/reportPost.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wp-reports.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/screenshot-1.jpg
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/Readme.txt
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/readme.txt
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/screenshot-2.jpg
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wp-archive.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/wp-reportpost.php
    A    wp-reportpost/trunk/screenshot-3.jpg
    svn: In directory 'wp-reportpost/trunk'
    svn: Can't copy 'wp-reportpost/trunk/.svn/tmp/text-base/readme.txt.svn-base' to 'wp-reportpost/trunk/.svn/tmp/readme.txt.tmp.tmp': No such file or directory

    and when I try anything else, It keep reporting trunk locked ? and telling to use svn cleanup

    so I used svn cleanup and i get this:

    svn cleanup
    svn: In directory 'trunk'
    svn: Error processing command 'modify-wcprop' in 'trunk'
    svn: 'trunk/rp-view.php' is not under version control

    And I’m totally not in control! I wanted to Update some changed and Remove some files… When i Updated last time, It just combined my Old version and new one together??? Now this plugin has Both version of files attached to it??


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