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    I’m trying to commit changes to my plugin through SVN, and am getting a weird error I don’t know how to resolve. Here’s my terminal history:

    prompt$ ls trunk
    ahs_callposts.php       icon-edit.gif           readme.txt
    prompt$ ls tags/1.6/
    ahs_callposts.php       icon-edit.gif           readme.txt
    prompt$ svn stat
    A  +    tags/1.6
    D  +    tags/1.6/style.css
    prompt$ svn ci -m 'Tagging version 1.6'
    Adding         tags/1.6
    Adding         tags/1.6/ahs_callposts.php
    Adding  (bin)  tags/1.6/icon-edit.gif
    Adding         tags/1.6/readme.txt
    Deleting       tags/1.6/style.css
    svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: File '1.6/style.css' is out of date
    svn: '/!svn/wrk/496ad5d8-1600-476e-83dd-acbc4eb8f1e8/aprils-call-posts/tags/1.6/style.css' path not found

    SVN seems to be expecting to delete a file that’s not there, so it can’t delete it. How do I fix this problem? It looks like the plugin hasn’t had a style.css since version 1.4, and I don’t remember having commitment problems before now. Help?

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  • Update: my checkout was somehow corrupted. I deleted everything, did a new checkout, made my changes again, and now it’s fine.

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