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    The sidebar in Internet Explorer is moved down.

    Can someone please tell me what in the CSS I need to edit to make it stay at the top right like it does in Firefox.

    I think I need to edit this:

    .right_sidebar_single {

    width: 300px;

    margin: 0 7px;

    font-family:”Trebuchet MS”,Verdana;



    color: #5d81a5;

    Or this:


    width: 300px;

    margin: 10px 0 0;

    float: right;

    padding: 5px;

    background: #113b4e url(images/bg_right_sidebar_container_bottom.gif) repeat-y top left;

    …by adding 0’s or something. But when I do that it moves down in FireFox.


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  • Oh, this is the website.

    Looks the same (fine!) in both IE 7 & Firefox for me.

    My screen is set to 1280 wide & I have both browsers fully sized. I also have the text in both set to “medium” (normal).

    Yes, in IE6 is down
    Did you search? There are hundreds of post about it – all with the same “fix”: something is too wide for its parent div width.

    Hi guys,

    Yes, I did a search on the forum and found a bunch of people with the exact same problem, and played around with the CSS but still can’t get it to stay still on both browsers.

    Something too wide? Okay I will look for that.

    Thank you.

    The “wide” is not always a CSS thing. It can be a line of content, a too long link code, a too long code line, a graphic… anything. Either in content or in the sidebar.

    Hmm, it might be the image.

    I hate Internet Explorer.

    Figured it out in the CSS. I made changes to the length of the column. It was originally 440px and I changed it to 470px.

    I had to reduce it to 460px in order for the sidebar to remain in the correct place for FireFox and Internet Explorer.

    I still don’t understand why though it was fine in Firefox but not IE.

    Oh, well, at least this resolved it. Even though I would have preferred to have left the column at 470px.

    Thanks guys!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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