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    Hi guys,
    the latest Events Manager update broke my website styling, and the documentation doesn’t seem to address my requirements.
    My goal is to have a shortcode providing the following output:

    Starting date and time – Ending time
    Event name (linked to custom URL)
    Location (city name only)
    [dividing bar, one px high]

    …for the next four upcoming items.

    Nothing more, nothing less. Surely no icons, no unwanted spacing, etc.
    The possibility of separately styling the individual elements would be great.

    Can you please suggest the appropriate shortcode for that?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Solved most items, but some still require some help. In particular:

    * In case of events happening over midnight, how to display the following:

    starting date [no ending date] starting time-ending time

    * Events can be either physical or online. How to display one line listing the physical location or, missing that, “online”?

    For your second issue, I would use the conditional placeholder {has_location}#_LOCATIONNAME #_LOCATIONADDRESS #_LOCATIONTOWN{/has_location}

    Documentation on conditional placeholder: https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/conditional-placeholders/

    But, it looks like #_EVENTLOCATION is from when they added support for online events. I don’t use this feature as I aggregate events and was already providing links to events in a custom attribute and kept doing that for online events, but more details are here: https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/location-types/

    I can’t help with your first question as 99% of my events end before midnight. For the few that dont, I just end them at 11:59 and leave a note in the description that the event ends later. I hate seeing the event that ended at 1a showing up the next morning.

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    Thanks for the conditional code snippet!

    Now all that remains to find out is what the shortcode is for just the starting date of an event.

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