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  • Hello,

    I really like this theme so I’m in the process of testing the theme to convert. Before converting though, I need to know if these critical points can be addressed.

    1. I can’t seem to have the sliders show the images. I created 3 pages with one picture each to use as sliders and set them as slider 1, 2 and 3 in Slider Options. How could I make sure this function can be used?

    2. I found out how to change the header and footer colours. Can I also change the Topbar, Menu bar, About Us Section and Footer Widget Area colours too?

    3. For Social Link Menu, I have set up a few channels with html icons like “fa-instagram” with custom URL, but when I put a mouse over to click on it, the cursor becomes a circle with a diagonal line across and doesn’t click on the links. Is there another way?

    4. I tried copying and pasting all solutions posted for eliminating the sidebar completely from all pages but still doesn’t work. Is there another way to remove it? And when I remove it, would the page display in full-layout if it’s set to be?

    5. Your default Header Image or Inner Banner can’t be removed unless I put another picture. Could I remove this section completely?

    6. Service Section’s “Select post for service 1” and the other drop down menus doesn’t display anything. How can I use this function?

    Thanks so much in advance for the help.

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  • Hello @sp1205 ,

    Points –

    1. Firstly Go to Appearance -> General Settings -> Select Frontpage Template Option, then go to Slider Options and select pages for slider , all pages you select must have featured image then only slider show. Please follow the given link –

    2. Paste the given CSS in Additional CSS box –

    header {
        background: #b24d4c;
    .mwa-theme {
        background: #b24d4c;
    .header_contact {
        background: #b24d4c;
    div#main-menu {
        background: #93cbce;
    div#callout {
        background: #17a2b8;
    footer {
        background: #17a2b8 !important;

    You can change color code as per your requirement.

    3. Firstly create a social menu – Go to Appearance -> Menu -> create a new menu -> Please follow the given link – link

    4. Paste the given CSS in Additional CSS box –

    .event-right {
        display: none;

    For create page full width – you can select “Page With Full Width” template from page attribute.

    5. Paste the given CSS in Additional CSS box –

    .inner-banner {
        display: none !important;

    6. Go to Customizer -> Service Settings -> select “Service Section On/Off” option -> now follow the given link -> link

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    Thank you.

    Thread Starter sp1205


    Thanks so much for the helpful responses.

    I still have a few struggles with the setup.

    1. Now that I learned and set up featured images for sliders, I set up 3 of them but only 2 shows up.

    2. I’ve realize that only posts can be used for Service Section. So I set up 3 posts but only 2 shows up in all of the service 1, 2 and 3 drop down lists even though all 3 posts are set with same settings.

    3. Now that I created the 3 posts for Service Section, it shows up on the home page as a new post/blog with the dates as a duplicate of Service Section underneath it. I tried some CSS you posted in other answers but couldn’t still remove them.

    4. How could I change colour of the font for Service Section title?

    5. All my pages are set to be “Full Width Template” however, after removing the side section, the pages are not displayed in full width. Under the Theme Setting > General Settings, I did set the Layout to be Full-layout as well.

    6. The social media icons are still not clickable.

    I uploaded couple screenshot for better understanding:

    For numbers 2, 3 & 4:

    For number 5:

    For number 6:

    Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    Hello @sp1205 ,

    Thanks for using our theme.

    For point 3 and 4 –
    Paste the given CSS in Additional CSS box –

    section#about .mwa-title {
        color: #e86c07;
    section#blog {
        display: none;

    For point 5 –
    Edit the page and follow the given link and set page attribute as “Page With Full Width” – link

    For point 1, 2 and 6 –
    Please share your website URL, i will check your issue.

    Thank You.

    I am having a very similar issue. When the page is set to Page With Full Width, it displays correctly. But if I make the page the homepage, then suddenly it reverts to a sidebar layout (with a right sidebar). I can get rid of the sidebar with the CSS you gave in this thread (event-right), but the page still doesn’t display full width. If I remove the page from being the homepage, then it does show full width.
    You can view the difference here – if I swop these pages around then the homepage is not full width but the regular page is:
    I can see that the Section class changes from “align-page-full” to “align-blog blog_page” when you change it to homepage and back again. This is some problem in your theme?
    Can you provide me with a fix please?
    Thank you.

    Is it perhaps something to do with the fact that an ordinary page was set as the homepage instead of using the frontpage template to create the homepage?


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