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  • Hi all!

    Possible Newbie alert, so bear with me 😉

    Bottle in the ocean with a “uber-type” scenario.

    I want to put prospective customers in relation with prospective businesses in a given sector. basically the uber-model (so I havent reinvented the wheel here)

    Basically looking for a way to set up a website with 2 sides (customers and businesses), with secure login features, simple communication (chat?) and -why not- in-between commission fee.

    CRMs exist but they are B2c in a one-to-many scenario. I want a many-to-many scenario with a community of businesses and a community of customers.

    The simple concept is artists on the one side, venues for them to showcase their art on the other

    Anyone know of templates or a way to set this up with WP?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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