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  • Hi there,
    I am enjoying customising the new P2 theme and have a specific user role i wish to setup as the default user.
    Currently it doesn’t fit into the default roles list so I have looked for a plugin solution. They all seem a little wide of the mark as it is quite simple what i want to achieve.
    I want a user to be assigned a new profile when signing up, say ‘Board member’
    I am using the P2 theme.
    When this user logs in I wish them to have the ability to:
    – Write a new post
    – Edit their own post
    – Write comments
    – Edit comments
    – Click the admin and have access to their own profile for editing only.

    Is there any simple way of doing this as i cant find it.

    Site work in progress at


    oh yeah one of the most promising looked Role Scoper but I just couldnt get on with it.

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  • Select “Author” for New User Default Role in Settings General.

    That role has the permissions you want.

    Thanks mjg – I did look at that but i clearly will have to give it another go.

    Yup I just checked and Author doesn’t allow the user to edit their post or comments.
    I might just add some ajax edit comments thing. I am sure i have seen this somewhere

    Ahh I have just looked in the admin and you are correct mjg.
    It does allow users to edit their own stuff.. just it only works in the admin.
    You wouldnt have any idea what i would have to put in the code in order for the edit to function from the front end (in the same manor as the Admin users?)

    This is a bug, we’ll fix it.

    @hal9000 this should be fixed before the end of the week. I’ll make sure to write here when the newest release is out.

    Thanks guys – Superb job as usual!

    Any update on the fix?

    I see that ther is a new version 1.04 so i installed and tested this.
    With the users set to author they can post new posts and post comments on posts.
    But they seem to be only able to edit their own comments when they are against their own posts.
    Any idea why this would be?

    hal9000 I’ve looked into this but can’t reproduce the error. Could you provide me with a few steps that make this occur?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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