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  • I’ve installed a wordpress blog for the Schapelle Corby Support site.
    The issue I have,
    Explorer wants to download the page.
    Can’t open it.
    Firefox is fine.
    check it out in both and give me ideas!!!!!!
    The database is not local. That works fine. I can post etc. in Firefox.
    IE chokes!

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  • Looks fine from here; tested the site with IE 6 on XP and blog pages load as expected (that is, in the browser).

    Loads fine in IE6.0 and Firefox. You must have fixed it. Or do you mean another version of IE?

    I.E. Six
    This is weird…

    Still does it…Why it works for some I can’t figure out…
    Any Ideas?

    works from here… XPSP2 IE6

    Possibly a cache issue. Try clearing the disk cache in IE, close out of it, then restart it and visit your site.

    I’ll try it again….
    I’ve cleared every temp/cache I can find.
    I’m getting the impression it’s only happening in Australia…..
    But Why.
    Most of you are U.S. / Canada etc.
    This is a bummer…I can’t figure it out.
    I’m under time constraints and I’d Love to make W.P. the heart of the site.
    Verdict this week…
    Help please!
    I’ve been looking for code problems…
    I may unzip and upload everything fresh…
    Or try 1.5 first, then upgrade?
    Could this have something to do with OzHosting?

    direct contact is O.K.

    I think our host has a settings problem…
    Only in Australia so far……
    Thanks Everyone…
    I’ll keep you posted.

    I found it!!!!!
    get page info
    undefined variable
    seems to have fixed it.
    I’ll go live soon
    Thanks again everyone…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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