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  • Giving the following code:

    class Xhibit_Setting_Page extends scbBoxesPage {
    	function setup() {
    		$this->args = array(
    			'page_title' => 'Xhibit Settings',
    			'columns' => 4
    		$this->boxes = array(
    			array( 'pluginCustomPermalinks', 'Permalink settings', 'normal' )
    	function pluginCustomPermalinks_box() {
    		echo $this->form_table( array(
    				'title' => 'Permalink',
    				'type' => 'text',
    				'name' => 'permalink',
    		) );

    Where I try to save the form, it does nothing.
    Ik was hoping that it would automaticly save the form (like scbAdminPage does.

    Going thru your code, I saw that the form_handler of scbBoxesPage calls pluginCustomPermalinks_handler in the above class.

    I’m unsure what to put into pluginCustomPermalinks_handler, so the form get saved.

    Any help or pointers are very welcome!

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