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  • Hello,
    I was thinking about renaming a few of my categories. I have a couple of questions first.
    Will the permalinks update correctly?
    Is there an efficient method for transferring rss feeds and links? For example, suppose people have subscribed to some post rss feeds, or have bookmarks to a category. Will these feeds or bookmarks still work?

    If the bookmarks don’t work, I was thinking I could created pages corresponding to the url of the old categories, and then maybe insert a redirect php script or somethig like that. Keep in mind that I’m partially talking out of my ass here, I barely know anything about php, wordpress, html, etc.


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  • Permalinks should update automagically, yes.

    Feeds and old links will fail. Nothing short of locating every subscribed reader and site that links to you to let them know about the change would work here.

    Your idea could work for category linking (this plugin would help lots), but I’m not sure about their feeds.

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