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  • Hey people first massive thanks for this awesome blog/CMS
    just hit a problem and cannot figure out how to solve it.

    i’m used to dealing with phpmyadmin for tweaks in the db but
    having a problem finding where the table is stored for setting
    what is shown on the front page.

    here’s my problem

    i want to set a “Secret” page as my First page to be shown.
    but as you guessed it when the page is set as secret it is not
    shown in the “Set static page” setting in the Dashboard.

    only way i’ve found of doing this is make the page, publish it
    once it’s visible and published set it in the dashboard drop down menu then go back and make the page private.

    what i’d like to know is where it stores the Setting in the database to what page it looks for to load as the “Static homepage”

    For instance the pageID=75 but where is this value in the db?

    Hope someone can help with this small but anoying problem.

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