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    I am setting up your plugin in a bit of an unconventional way. I am using tabs on my page and am displaying the Prayer Requests in one tab and then the Prayer Request form in another tab. I am looking for a way to force the entire page to reload or another way to ensure that the prayer requests tab is updated with the submitted prayer request. I would think it would update since it is going back to the first tab after submission but it is not forcing a reload. I tried using POST redirects in the plugin and a manner of other things and nothing works. Do you have any suggestions?

    You can see my implementation of the plugin here.

    Thank you,
    Greg Brown

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    Greg, i’ll take a look at this and see what we might get to work.

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    So, here’s a simple fix for now … if you place [amen type=”manage”] so that it processes before [amen] on the page (just switch your tabs), the request should show up in the list. The reason this happens is that the management shortcode is what checks for and adds requests to the database. i can look into pulling that into the broader shortcode, but will have to check into what ramifications it might have on other things. Hope this helps.

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    Also, if you’re making custom edits to the plugin (or other plugins), you might want to consider my other plugin, Plugin Protector, that can help you from overwriting changes you may have made.

    Ok, that fixed it. My client would really prefer the order of the tabs to be the other way around, however, this is fine for now. They want the prayer requests to show first when the page loads. My fix for the time being is to switch the order of the tabs but make the prayer list the active tab. This works and when a prayer request is submitted, the page reloads and shows the prayer list with their prayer request added.

    I have made extensive edits to the style of the plugin to make it fit into my site better. I have changed all buttons to the Twitter Bootstrap style since that is what I am using. I will keep your other plugin in mind. So far, I have always treated plugins like child themes and if I am going to edit it, I basically duplicate the plugin with a different name so that it won’t update. Your plugin may make this process a bit easier.

    This is a truly wonderful plugin. I have used the other wordpress prayer request system and I like this one much better because it is much lighter weight, looks nicer, is easier to customize the styles and has the twitter functionality. Thank you for your hard work and contribution to God’s kingdom with this plugin.

    By the way, I have changed the permalinks to that page in case you want to look at what I have done. The link is now

    Thank you again!

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    Thanks for the great review! i’m loving your implementation and use of the Twitter Bootstrap style … i may have to look to implement that look in a future version … definitely assists in accessibility.

    After your recent update to the page, i noticed that your counter is no longer registering my clicks. Any ideas on what might be conflicting with the javascript here?

    Thanks for the compliments. That is the primary reason I like using Twitter Bootstrap. It makes it easy to make the site accesible for everyone and is really easy to work with for responsive design. I actually have the plugin constrained within a bootstrap defined span div that makes it responsive. I have also changed all of the inputs to the same so they don’t over run the width of the screen on mobile devices. If you would like, I can provide you with a copy of the plugin once I am done with my modifications if that helps any.

    Thanks for the heads up on the pray button not working. It was a simple fix. When I replaced your button classes with the bootstrap style, I didn’t realize that that input needed the amenButton class to display the update after a user clicks the button. The fix was to simply add the bootstrap button style to the class like such.
    class="amenButton btn btn-primary"

    I’m glad you like what I have done with the plugin!

    Going forward, it would be nice if the plugin could update everything with ajax so as to prevent page refreshes. This would also solve the problems with my implementation in tabs as the user would see the updated content when switching tabs since there is no page reload.

    Plugin Author uamv


    Yeah, i’d love to see a copy of the plugin after your modifications … here’s to collaboration! i suppose i’ll have to learn some ajax for future development.

    You may notice that i did release a recent update to the plugin … some decent changes to the options page … along with implementation of a notification digest for users who post prayers.

    One other thing to note, that i haven’t documented well (may seem common-sense) … if an email address has been designated to receive approval notifications, any wp user associated with that email can also approve the requests (even if they are not an admin).

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    Have not switched everything to ajax, but did allow processing of the form before the shortcodes render in Version 3.2.2. If you want to forward me any custom edits, you can send to jvandercar*wmpl-org. Thanks!

    Not to start a new discussion on this post, but I haven’t had much luck/response with my own posts and hope you guys could help me out. Our church is about to make the move to with a host and have two pressing needs before we make the jump. They may seem minor to some, but they’re big for our congregation.

    Here’s my post. Hope someone can help me ASAP. We have a meeting about the future of building our site tomorrow. Thanks!


    Please read the entire message before suggesting a plugin I’ve already tried. Some of those include PrayBox, Amen and Prayer Engine. Thanks!

    I’m looking for two types of plugins that will work well with a site hosted on Blue Host. The plugins would be used on a church website (does not exist yet).

    Prayer Requests – I want members to be able to post prayer requests right to the website (without having to login to do that). There are plenty of plugins for prayer requests, but here’s where my needs are a little different. Congregation members like to receive a notification (from our current/old site) every time a prayer request is added. Essentially, I’m looking for a plugin where folks can subscribe to our mailing list and receive an email every single time (no daily limits) someone enters a prayer request.

    Message Board – now something similar here too. It would basically function the same as the prayer request plugin described above, but would be for news, announcements and celebrations from congregation members. It really needs the same “subscribe to the mailing list” feature that shoots an email out each time a post is made.

    Hope someone can help me find great plugins to solve these issues.


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